La Maqueta

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Desechables formed around 1980 in Vallirana, a village in the Barcelona suburbs where three friends got together to create one of Spain's most visceral and dirtiest primitive rock groups: Tere (screams), Miguel (guitar), and Dei Pei (snare and tom). Tere was 14, Dei Pei was 17, and Miguel was the oldest of the three at 22. Without any musical knowledge, Miguel established a unique personal guitar style that would define the Desechable sound. Pei recalls, "Our way of rehearsing was like eternal zeroes, like mantras... Tere was especially amazing because Miguel was constantly having a go at her; come on baby, come on, come on. He got the shyness and childishness out of her teenage beauty, so blonde and so perfect." Jaime Gonzalo, music journalist and the band's friend, remembers the first time he saw them live: "It was spectacular. Spectacular in the sense that it was still a mirror copy of The Cramps and it didn't go beyond that ... But Miguel's guitar was hellish. They used their limitations well and achieved great chemistry." One day Pei went by the office of Ernest Casals, who ran the independent label Flor y Nata Records and wrote for the Radio Carolina fanzine, to tell him that the fanzine was shit, and left a low-fi demo on his desk with three tracks Desechables had recorded in a dubbing studio. The cassette was sent to Jesús Ordovás, a Radio 3 presenter in Madrid, who broadcast Desechables nationwide for the first time when he played "Fuera de la ley." Casals persuaded his partners that launching Desechables would be beneficial, and the first Desechables demo came out in 1982 (in an edition of 750) as the first release of the Anarchi Records sublabel, run by brothers Ferran Sahún and Joni Destruye and mainly conceived to release cassettes. It was recorded in just one evening without any kind of production, in a gloomy Barcelona studio in October of 1982. "There was a total connection the whole evening, we all had a great time and Miguel gave us a lot of confidence... We felt at home. From beginning to end, everything came out seamlessly," remembers Tere. The demo became the best Spanish garage punk artifact from the '80s and the best legacy from the original Desechables trio. This first vinyl edition includes "El peor dios," recorded at the same session but not featured on the original cassette.