Original Sound Tracks

MFR 031 CD MFR 031 CD

"Dab. Who is DJ Dab?. Once Dab jumped into the Minifunk's stable with his demo tape, crying out it was the work of his whole life. But it wasn't born yet He's the swindler musician who tried to cheat Minifunk's A&R. It wasn't necessary to do too much knocking before Dab started singing like a cabaret soprano. So he told: after gathering a huge and beautiful mountain of grass (from his neighbour's garden), Dab locked himself into his old Uncle Buddy's 80's discotheque. Dab had been driving himself crazy in that room for up to 18 months, only leaving twice: in order to change his burned Akai 3000 for a 5000+, and for getting some more pot from his desperate neighbor. He listened to and sampled and cut and re-cut all the old records he could before his brain hemorrhaged, and we must advise that they included some suck shitty recordings, like Catholic musical newsreel soundtracks or Catalan rapped hip hop demo tapes from early 90's. The results of this serious self-attack to Dab's mental health is entitled Original Sound Tracks because nothing better came to his mind after this abuse. This record is so mad, it's so weird and fucked up that Minifunk had no option, no way out: this shit had to be released by Minifunk. And there is only one thing more that Minifunk could do to protect their Spanish way of life. Minifunk recommends: smoke and listen."