Live At Lowlands

LL 007CD LL 007CD

The extremely popular green-masked Dr. Lektroluv offers you a recording of his set at Lowlands on August 22nd, 2010. As usual, you can expect the fattest electro cuts from the hottest names around, including a whole bunch of exclusive and unreleased tracks. Hailing from the vast flatlands of Belgium, the green, half-human bespectacled pioneer is an enigma. Not much is known about this mysterious, 6ft. tall being, other than an ability to blend and create a potent, intoxicating brew of big room sounds, hard 4-4 beats and jacking, twitching electro that sends high-voltage charges through his subjects. Dr. Lektroluv has released no less than ten mix compilations since 2002, showcasing his crazy, sonic experiments deep from his lab in Ghent. His second compilation (the first of seven studio-mixed chapters), The Preskriptions of Dr. Lektroluv set a benchmark for modern electro compilations, while the upfront tracklisting managed to neatly showcase the burgeoning modern electro and jacking house scenes, featuring tracks from the likes of Drexciya to Memory Boy, Hong Kong Counterfeit, and beyond. Over the last few years, as the worlds of electro and house collided further, many modern pioneers from Switch to Herve have been inspired by the green man's twisted, demented presents to the world. After releasing more compilations on 541 records, he released the first compilation on his own Lektroluv records imprint, showcasing groundbreaking and legendary live sets at festival powerhouses Pukkelpop, Rock Werchter and Outdoor Extrema. The Dr.'s sound has fast infected the minds of clubbers everywhere, with a unique stamp that selects the cream of the crop from today's electro scene, galvanized with hard-to-find classics. Artists include: Etienne De Crécy, The Subs, Shinichi Osawa, Paul Chambers, Tai (feat. Steve Aoki), Gtronic, Mumbai Science, Etienne De Crécy (feat. The Bloody Beetroots), Maskinen, The Subs, Highbloo, Mightyfools vs. Sharkslayer, Bart B More, Happyboxx, Hey Today!, Polymorphic, Boys Noize & Erol Alkan, Sound Of Stereo, Adam Freeland, Etienne De Crécy, Flairs, and a bonus track from Siriusmo.