Echo Euphoria


"Finally, his first long-awaited full album Echo Euphoria is released from the label Mule Electronic. Liner notes Tobias Thomas discuss the coalition between techno, the most important musical revolution of the late 20th century, the 'last' worldwide youth movement which unified all diversities, at least for one short moment in time, the genre, which changed dance and popmusic, social behaviours, attitudes and nightlife forever -- and then dub, the old mothership of all kinds of electronic (dance) music, the cradle which gave birth to the whole idea of remix culture, the echo chamber of history. These two have always been linked, influenced and enriched each other. Naturally the younger one took more from the older, but the sounds and rhythms of techno and electronic music also left their traces in todays dub music vice versa, as well as in reggae, r'n'b and hiphop. It is all a give and take, a neverending circle. One of the most famous examples bringing dub and techno together as never heard before, were the productions of the legendary Berlin based duo Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, better known as Basic Channel or Rhythm & Sound. In the mid-nineties they invented a unique style of repetitive, minimal but massive techno music, which stood deep in the tradition of the dub technique: bass, delays, effects, a nearly spiritual atmosphere. On Dublee -- as to many others as well -- Basic Channel had a very strong and important impact, which made him think for the first time of starting his own productions. Also the groundbreaking works of British innovators like Massive Attack or Adrian Sherwoods On-U-Sound label found their way into Dublees heart and soul and finally his music. Being a young guy who did not like the idea of going out to dark and smoke-filled clubs, he developed a more introspective, tender and fragile sound out of his personal references, which followed closely the European and American school of minimal techno and house. If you listen to Dublee's sweet melodies and reduced rhythm patterns, it might remind you of people like Jan Jelinek, Thomas Fehlmann, Vladislav Delay or Akufen. So it was no surprise that one of his first releases found its way on part two of the highly recommended compilation series Elektronische Musik Interkontinental, put together by the superb Traum label from Cologne, while another one was picked by well known Japanese imprint progressive form. As always you'll find the beauty of Dublee in details. Dub and techno are finally only tiny little memories floating in the background, the structures of deep house and minimal electronica simply deliver the skeleton for a genuine idea of emotional, soulful, modern and mature moments of music. As if the original meaning of his alias Dublee had given the matrix for it: by taking a worthless tool and refining it with precious metals, what you get is nothing less than pure jewelry."