Eating Snow


LP version. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Includes poster and download code. From a festival to a feature to friendship; from techno to electronica to a band. Douglas Greed and Mooryc met in 2010 at a festival in Poland, and soon developed the joint tracks "Pain" and "Morning Gloria," which were released on Douglas Greed's 2011 debut album KRL (FREUDE 006CD/LP). They arrived at a common sound despite their different musical roots, which range from sensual indietronica to powerful house and perfectly-grooving pop moments. The full range of this sound is spread over 13 tracks on their debut as Eating Snow, which was developed in Poznan, Poland; Wustrow, Germany; Jena, Germany; and, of course, Berlin, where Mooryc has been living, and where Douglas Greed spent some time in the summer of 2014. The two of them spent the majority of that visit together in the studio, drinking lukewarm beer and having fun around the clock. They discovered a common passion for the darker elements of pop music, and bound electronic beats, melodies, and lyrics together in a magical combination; Mooryc's unique voice joins with the melancholia and euphoria of Douglas Greed's musical tendencies as the pair entirely sheds any dancefloor categorization. The album begins with the sensually-meandering "Over," which gets the listener in the mood for the impending musical trip. "The Cut" delivers a heartthrob beat with hypnotically-oscillating synthesizers, smooth piano modulations, and Mooryc's bittersweet vocals. The deep pop of "Let You Down" precedes "Mine," which transitions to much calmer notes, and the restrained "Beauty of Destruction." "Gravel and Trees" increases the beats-per-minute before "Forever Is Gone by Now" finds its way into a yearning sensitivity. "This Emptiness Is Mine" conjures a mysterious atmosphere and "Chameleon" returns to instrumental paths, opening up broad spaces and making room for a fantastic melody and the sound of playing children. The dreamy, deeply personal "Last Summer Day" and an album version of the previously-released "Siamese Twins by Choice" deliver the album's acoustic conclusion. Artwork by street art duo HeRAKut.