Bruises & Butterflies

DC 434CD DC 434CD

"Bruises & Butterflies is the debut solo album from Elisa Randazzo, a California musician, songwriter and clothing designer. Bruises & Butterflies is a personal work that stands outside the boundaries of her previous musical projects. Elisa begins the album with the line, 'That's not what I wanted,' which should give an idea of the themes in effect here. Friendship lost is the main thrust, but fortunately, friendship found is at the other end of the long night/thrust. Friendship lost comes first, darn it. Underneath the elegiac California ennui of Bruises & Butterflies runs a bloody gurgling of rejection and outrage. Drawn from the bottom of the well of Randazzo's broken marriage, Bruises & Butterflies uses a musical palette of British folk (like murder ballads, geddit?) and the mythic shadows of classic west coast rock to paint the portrait of a desecrated woman, attempting to understand her own heart. As we promised, there are glimmers of resignation and resolution for the future. And indeed, the process of making the album brought new people into Elisa's orbit. Guitarist Aaron Robinson became a songwriting partner over the course of many late night recording sessions. Additionally, Elisa met legendary 1970s British folk singer Bridget St John (a hero of hers and ours) during the time the record was being made. They became fast friends and eventually co-writers of two songs on this album. And now, maybe Elisa Randazzo can get some proper sleep. Bruises and butterflies -- two great things that you didn't know go together! Here's something else you don't know but you should -- Bruises & Butterflies, the new musical expression from Elisa Randazzo."