Fairport Convention

POLY 68291CD POLY 68291CD

2003 release, remastered reissue of the 1968 debut album including four bonus tracks, "Suzanne", "If I Had A Ribbon Bow", "Morning Glory", "Reno, Nevada". (Reissued at the in synch with the Island Remasters series, but this first Fairport's album was originally issued on Polydor, not Island). Includes sleevenotes by co-founder Ashley Hutchings. 16 tracks. Recorded in Nov. 1967, produced by Joe Boyd. Featuring a pre-Sandy Denny line up of: Ian MacDonald (lead vocals, jews harp), Judy Dyble (lead vocals, electric & acoustic autoharps, recorder, piano), Richard Thompson (vocals, lead, electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin), Simon Nicol (vocals, 12 & 6 string electric & acoustic guitars), Tyger Hutchings (bass guitar, jug; Martin Lamble (percussion, violin). "When you think of Fairport it's usually as a rural bunch getting it together in a country cottage. But it's as a fully-fledged house band of the Summer of Love that they first hit the national consciousness. As key members of Joe Boyd's UFO/Middle Earth club axis they were often seen as an anglicised Jefferson Airplane. While the twin vocal talents of Ian Matthews and Judy Dyble (who went on to be associated with Robert Fripp's earliest incarnation of King Crimson) mirrored Slick and Kantner, the closest they came to the West Coast vibe on their eponymous debut was the slinky jazz shuffle 'It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft' (with its line about the sound they'd found 'down Frisco way'). What's actually occurring on this first disc is a young band of extraordinary diversity combining the cream of contemporary singer songwriters (Dylan, Mitchell et al. Fairport were always a great covers band) with trad jazz, folk and psychedelia. What is amazing is how Richard Thompson's guitar is already a potent weapon in such young hands." -- Chris Jones/BBC.