Music For An Isolation Tank

RHIZ 007 RHIZ 007

"An acoustic approximation of Oswald Wieners legendary 'Bioadapter', Phase 1. The listener goes through a station where one's body sounds are recorded by various microphones in a standardized way, not unlike a medical examination: breathing, heartbeat, voice etc. These sounds are then adjusted, changed and amplified by various effects, routines and algorithms, while the listener prepares himself or herself for the session (undressing, showering and receiving an explanation by an assistant). The musical material processed in a home studio environment is now played back on a common PC. The center piece of the project is an isolation tank similar to those used for relaxation and meditation purposes: an enclosed tank (looking much like a large covered tub) approximately 35 cm deep filled with water of high salt content. Both the water and air in the tank are at body temperature and it is totally void of light. The result is sensory deprivation. The listener chooses, after the preparation when entering the tank, one of several possible musical moods (stormy, moving, relaxing). The tank has both under water and above water loud speakers. The music which sets in after a quiet period, consists of a representation of the world (a selection pre-prepared and completely abstract samples of undeclared origin) which are put in relation to the previously recorded body sounds with a layer of actual live sounds. The present edition is a representation of the acoustic screen, revised for the purpose of publication. A lying position, the dimming of lights and the use of earplugs are recommended, or even better under water speakers are suggested for listening."