Baroque Tardif: Soli

CA 21051CD CA 21051CD

"After receiving a traditional French diploma in music, Florent Ghys researched experimental and minimalist music -- leading him to Bang on a Can's Summer Festival at MASS MoCA in 2007. Returned to his hometown in Bordeaux and missing the community he found around the summer festival, Ghys asked himself, 'What would I write if I had to write for an ensemble in which I am the only player? 'Ghys says of his process: 'The reasons for this schizophrenic question are multiple. Returning to Bordeaux from Paris, I had the feeling of being musically isolated - of being out of tune with my new environment - and I couldn't stop writing. I was also interested in the idea of breaking the boundary between the composer and the musician. And the feeling I had of sitting in the audience while my music was being played onstage wasn't, to be honest, all that satisfying. I didn't intend to compose a solo for myself playing the upright bass, nor did I intend to compose a piece for me and a fleet of clones, but I did intend to create a 'multiple-me' ensemble. I know multi-track recording will never replace live recording, but multi-tracking was an interesting starting point to see if it would change my compositional process while writing strictly for me - after all, the instrumentation for the EP was linked only to the instruments I can actually play. I could have an upright bass, a bass, a guitar, an electric guitar, a voice. I could also use a pianino (a small 6 octaves piano) and hit some dishes in my kitchen.'"