In Silence

OS 035LP OS 035LP

OnderStroom present Fra Lippo Lippi's In Silence, originally released in 1981. Fra Lippo Lippi was a gothic post-punk band founded in Nesodden, Norway in 1978. Band members included Rune Kristoffersen (guitar, bass, keyboards, piano) Per Oystein Sorensen (vocals, synthesizer, keyboards), and Morten Sjoberg (drums, keyboards). Their sound was heavily influenced by bands such as Joy Division and The Cure. In 1981, the band recorded and released In Silence, a hard to grasp, dark album with ominous basslines, death-march percussion, pensive keyboards, and sinister, indecipherable vocals. The band had installed a semi-professional four-track recording studio in a small basement. The recording of the album started in June 1981 and it took four months to complete. Rune Kristoffersen on the record: "It took a long time. Our compositions were based on the drums and the bass, which we colored with guitars, voices, and keyboards. The sound was completely natural, both concrete and abstract." It's difficult to hear the vocals; it's as if it was mixed far behind the instruments. It's nearly impossible to understand the lyrics. In that sense, it is not unlike producer Martin Hannett's work for Factory Records in the UK. Rune Kristoffersen continues, "It is made quite conscious: put the voices far back to create a mood music. I also look at In Silence in a certain connection to what Brian Eno did with his ambient music." In 1998, Rune started releasing experimental music on his very own label called Rune Grammofon, where he has highlighted many experimental Norwegian acts such as Arne Nordheim, Supersilent, and Motorpsycho. Remastered by Equus; Layout by Jeroen Wille; Edition of 500.

"In Silence has a more unrefined sound and should have any fan of Joy Division wishing they'd heard of this band sooner. If I were to review Closer or Unknown Pleasures today, they'd obviously receive 5/5. Therefore, since Fra Lippo Lippi is so strangely similar, and In Silence is almost like having a new Joy Division/New Order album, I'd be hard pressed to give it a anything less than a near perfect score. Find out for yourself what you've missed out on for the past twenty years. Wow!" --Tiny Mix Tapes