Dimension Intrusion


Originally released in 1993 as the fifth release on Warp's Artificial Intelligence series, this is the original Plus 8 version from 1993 -- this album was licensed to TVT for the U.S. but is no longer available on that label -- of Richie Hawtin's legendary first full-length release as FUSE. Ushering in the second wave of Detroit techno, Dimension Intrusion is a haunting, futuristic soundtrack and a classic of minimal, acid-flecked electro-house. These tracks are collages of interactive grooves spewed forth by machines and men, cyber-active, abstract dance rhythms, spoken by samplers with a human touch. After Hawtin and John Acquaviva began regularly crossing the short distance from Canada to Detroit to visit the clubs that catered to techno legends such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, they were inspired to start Plus 8 Records in order to release pure techno devoted to "The Future Sound Of Detroit." Just like in the days of Transmat, NU Groove, and Metroplex, Plus 8 gave techno enthusiasts a label that truly represented Detroit in the '90s, a label with minimal sampling but maximum inventiveness. It also began to bring to attention the FUSE pseudonym that Richie Hawtin had begun to use for his solo projects. Richie had already released one FUSE single, the electromagnetic Approach & Identify EP, four tracks of experimental illusions aimed at loading information into the cerebral brainwaves and transferring them into complex body beats, and two tracks on the From Our Minds To Yours compilation on Champion, two further FUSE out-of-mind-and-body experiences. The influence of acid has never left Hawtin and if anybody is remotely responsible for the resurgence of the Roland TB303 and the surreal sounds it releases, then surely he, along with fellow Detroiters Underground Resistance, must share much of the blame. On Dimension Intrusion, Hawtin takes the 303 to a new dimension, either recreating liquid scopes, slowed down into a sea to electro bubbles, as demonstrated on "Slac" or "Substance Abuse," a techno floor dominator in 1991, or "Circuit Breaker," another of his other outlets for ruthless ideas, released on Plus 8's harder dance subsidiary, Probe. Dimension Intrusion is an impressive array of sub-world disturbances and discreet musical mechanics. But these are no jejune rave tunes, these are timeless pieces of abstract dance that can be placed on file, and called up in years to come still bearing the same effect as on their initial impact. Cover artwork by Matthew Hawtin.