1-2 Weeks
Mutually Arising


"American Buddhist Greg Davis. John Cage: 'I think I have everything.' Deadhead Greg Davis (no drugs). At the center of the empty heart (the empty heart is open). He has made an album, Mutually Arising, with two songs. The title implies two at least, evokes to the mind a basic two, a basic duality. Is this simply the listener and the composer?, in communion through the experience of the same elements given as gift and sharing by the latter to the former, a shared experience? From where does he take the phrase or is it made up? 'Cosmic Mudra' is a subtle and slowly changing circle, a sun, the sun, the moon. The boring (not boredom -- it's very opposite my dear) center ray of the universe totale. He sees all possible lights evolve around this minimalist design. Not the arpeggio minimalists, rather: The quiet time stretchers of long tones and long tones sustained and hyper-sustained until buzz value outweighs pitch, sounds seeming to fly around the screen, hyper-spiritual with hardly a word. This O is the Obama circle, the O in HOPE. Open, round, empty. Empty yet full; containing everything. You haven't yet dreamed of the logo in these colors. This music is totally emotionally clear and totally political. It requires all the attitude and confidence (the confidence of success) of risk... to let music's elements stand this totally naked, to allow them to be this powerful yet to still own them despite their enormous size. Greg Davis Richard Serra? 'Hall of Pure Bliss' is a chord and all sorts of wonderful sounds which live to its left and right. For me: Low is left and high is right and then the traveling hisses swim on either side of this imagined keyboard in glitterspace. This reminds me of a glitterflecked costume of Art Now as taken from hippyjunk Outsiders of the late '60s to today! Misunderstand me not: This shit is TOTAL GOLD. We can see John Cage as a hippy of sorts, the shots Adventures in Modern Music like to use. The chord began as a sixth chord, six on top. And there was that wonderful moment of the flat three or phlat seven? Now I have lost track of time: Things have changed. Burlington Vermonter Greg Davis." -- Chris Weisman