Mississippi Murderer

MD 001CD MD 001CD

Debut solo album by Greg Prevost, singer/frontman of the Chesterfield Kings (best-selling, most respected and very first American "neo-garage" group). Prevost's career is closely linked to the Chesterfield Kings, but his story does not begin nor end with this band. His beginnings took place in the early to mid-'70s as a singer and guitarist in combos such as Dr. Electro & His Psychedelic Retards, Tar Babies, Distorted Levels, Cutdowns, etc., all of them abundantly recorded but minimally released on vinyl. It has taken him 35 years to make a comeback (of sorts) not related to the Kings, in the shape of an acoustic blues 7". Going solo proved to be an exciting experience, and the single was so well-received that Prevost decided to wax some personal compositions with the addition of bass and drums. After a few rehearsals with a couple of good friends, he finally entered the studio. The result -- cooked throughout several weeks of inspiration -- is the album you have in your hands. Mississippi Murderer is a true R'n'R artifact in which the artist seems to be settling scores with his recent past. A three-chord assault with plenty of excellent songs -- the kind of numbers that most bands can only aspire to cover -- sung by a truly unique voice, featuring plenty of attitude, splendid arrangements and slide guitar a go-go. Influences? They come from Prevost's personal obsessions: the Delta blues -- a sound which lies midway between The Yardbirds and the New York Dolls, and, naturally, The Rolling Stones at their best. And these references are not a simple list of R'n'R greats nor the usual hype aimed at potential buyers but exactly what you will get on this record.