1-2 Weeks
Ukraine Calling


2006 release. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Ukraine started to breathe the fresh air of independence again. At that time, during the early '90s, a group of students set up the band Aktus, which quickly made itself a name in the underground Kyiv music scene. Aktus turned to the sounds of reggae, ska, and punk. With the addition of vocalist Olexandr Yarmola and accordionist Ivan Lenyo, both well-known and respected in folk circles, the band increasingly incorporated elements of Ukrainian folk music into their compositions. At the start of the new millennium, the band realized it was time to establish an even firmer tie to their own culture, and changed their name to Haydamaky, in honor of the historical Haydamaky's rebellion, which took place in Ukraine in the 18th century. The music of Haydamaky is inspired by various ethnic sounds from around the world, especially from various regions of the Ukraine. The band calls their music "Carpathian Ska." Haydamaky's hope is to forge an inherently Ukrainian popular music style, which looks back on its own heritage and traditions as a source for inspiration. Their self-titled debut album was released in January 2002. Since the time of the album's release, the band has participated in various festivals and also played a club tour in Western Europe. Their colorful live shows are unique, displaying bright costumes, special lights and, of course, the pure mountain energy and musical mastership of the band. Haydamaky play a unique mixture, which has not been heard so far on these shores. Haydamaky manage to build bridges and combine Ukrainian roots, which spring in the mysterious Carpathian Mountains, ska, dub, reggae, punk, and of course, Ukrainian melodies and Western production standards. They fit this mixture into tight arrangements, which are only let loose in their fierce live experience. Their music live and on record is characterized by turbulent energy and a rollercoaster of tempo and moods. Even if you can't understand the lyrics, you will be filled with the music from top to toe. Includes one bonus track.