Monza Club Ibiza Compilation Vol. 1


This is London-based Heidi's debut mix CD, Monza Club Ibiza Compilation Vol. 1, on Get Physical. After setting up shop at the Phonica record store in central London three years ago, Heidi's profile as a DJ grew, leading to gigs in Berlin and appearances at the Monza Club in Frankfurt, run at the time by DJ T. and Patrik Dechent from Sunsetpeople, another Get Physical artist. When Patrik moved to Ibiza, he set up the Monza night there, where Heidi also played. Informed by the same open-mindedness that persuaded her to check out a rave in Windsor ten years ago and which changed her life, Heidi's mix harkens the exciting freshness of the Ibiza climate, avoiding repetition and never staying in one place for too long. "It's representative of a three-hour set that I would play -- but that also depends on where you're playing and who you DJ with. I wanted to showcase all the different styles of music I'm into." she claims. Monza certainly flows through a range of house and techno styles and emotions. From Dennis Ferrer and Kerri Chandler's breathy, sensuous house to the ominous bass of Martin Landsky's "1,000 Miles," the reduced funk of John Tejada's "Forced Fiction," Heidi and Riton's jacking "Vejer" -- recorded especially for the mix -- and Erol Alkan's upbeat, summery remix of Hot Chip, Heidi isn't afraid to diversify. She doesn't restrict herself to brand new tunes either, and the mix starts with Carl Craig's seminal 1990s version of Maurizio's "Domina." Disinterested in fads and fashions, Heidi's biggest hope for Monza is that, like the "Domina" remix, in a disposable world, it becomes timeless. "That would be my biggest aspiration for the mix, that in five years' time, someone will pick it up, listen to it and it'll still sound fresh," she says. "I still listen to old Andrew Weatherall mixes and they're fresh, and I hope the same thing happens with Monza." Other artists include: Darkmountaingroup, Fuckpony, Moritz Piske, Tobias, Cobblestone Jazz, Marc Houle and Alex Under.