Destination: Boogie -- Classic Eighties Boogie, Soul & Electro-Funk Nuggets


Subtitled: Classic Eighties Boogie, Soul & Electro-Funk Nuggets. 2006 release. What was the true sound of the underground in UK club land in the early '80s? At a time when most young people from inner cities chose their musical paths -- soul-head, reggae, indie or rock -- and stuck with them 'til they knew better, boogie was the big thing in the UK's clubs. Now, Z Records joins forces with the UK's finest disco historians Joey Negro and Sean P to bring you the essential boogie picks from this often over-looked genre in an ass-shaking double CD. As Sean P says: "The post-disco era represented by boogie was a turbulent and creative time for independent dance music in general and one where the early trends in music technology are easy to spot." So how, you may ask, does boogie differ from its glitzier forbearer, disco? Well it's still a continuation of disco, though dressed up differently. For example, as you'll hear on the CD, its rhythms weren't always the ubiquitous four-to-the-floor. Rather, boogie is all about the groove -- tempo down, or up, the rhythm has to groove. It's a heady blend of disco, funk, soul/R&B, jazz and electronic, fused by and for the party-heads of the day. Among the gems unearthed on this double CD comes the quirky synth-pop of Karen Young, Lowrell Simon's fat-bottomed love odyssey "Love Massage," Carol Sylvian's beefy gospel funk "Think" and Color's life-affirming R&B stormer "Am I Gonna Be the One?" Elsewhere, the compilation showcases the creative and brilliant mixing techniques of top notch producers Shep Pettibone, Butch Ingram and Wayne Braithwaite, alchemists who turned even basic tracks into the kind of complex sonic masterpieces still capable of turning heads even now. This choice selection of over 20 tracks is proof of boogie's versatility and is an essential buy for not just lovers of the post-disco era but anyone interested in a large helping of groove with their music.