Balmy Under The Stormy

F 110 CD F 110 CD

"A culmination of one man's extraordinary journey through music and life. One of the most panoramic explorations into the eclectic that you're likely to hear this year, the album is best summarised by the inner sleeve artwork. Featuring a world map printed upside down and in reverse, it questions all of those things we hold to be true. Who said North was up, that white isn't black and that techno isn't rock'n'roll. Who said that a communal hallucination couldn't happen and that 'Black Soap' wasn't a bigger event than Elvis' death. With tracks like the brooding 'Fly to the Moon' with it's contorted strings, lo fi electronica and vocodered psychosis or the dreamscaped ambience of the lysergically charged 'Downward Rush of Streams', the album introduces a new lexicon into the world of psychedelia. On 'Picture This Kind of Her Smile' and 'Waiting for the Train' he draws on Syd Barret era Pink Floyd and bands like Soft Machine, but relocates them in a contemporary setting through the darkness of modern life This isn't a retro hippy trip. It's as much about the world we live in today as the evening news. It's a soundtrack to the madness, the isolated dreams of the disenfranchised and a loss of innocence in our subconscious worlds.'This album is all about how we would view the world if we were all a little bit mad instead of just boring,' Basil (aka Juantrip') concludes. 'It's about what we think is true actually being a lie. In fact the album itself is a lie.'"