Die Soundboy Die

VF 047LP VF 047LP

Kid606 lives in Berlin now and returns to the Very Friendly fray with the vinyl EP Die Soundboy Die, six original songs (9 included on the CD) that devour and warp current musical trends like dubstep, bassline, ragga, techno and rave (both old and new) in his very unique and original way. These songs are all dark and scary bass-heavy jams made to help celebrate life while thinking about death. Hopefully stopping short of being a concept recording, every song is different in style and tempo, but a clear musical ideology links these songs together. The louder these songs are played, the better they will be felt. Tested on soundsystems and PAs worldwide, these songs have the low-end to make your ass shake and stomach rumble, all with mad respect to the dub and bass legends and current artists who have influenced him. Die Soundboy Die is the perfect teaser for Kid606's completely different, much happier full-length album Give Up Then Get Down coming in early 2009. Accurate words from "Perhaps one of the most straightforward things he's done. Straightforward in the sense that it's fantastic, pounding technojoy of the highest level. Absolutely dominated by pulsatile, growling bass lines, there are obvious dubstep grooves here, but delivered at the restless, aggressive pace we've come to expect from 606." Kid606 has taken the signifiers of classic electronica from the past decade (bits of jump-up, techno, hardcore and bass line all take the lead at various points) to create a miniature tour de force of dancefloor-fillers.