De Todas Partes

DB 102CD DB 102CD

"Abe has recorded under many names. Kirlian, Facil, Abe Duque, Super Secret Symphony, Monkey Spank, NYTK, and is the ring leader and originator of the Rancho Relaxo Allstars. De Todas Partes means from all parts and places. Refering to the universality of man and the plight of this one man to struggle to fit into a global picture. It is about world travels and world troubles. Four years in the making, De Todas Partes was recorded in many stops around the globe, including Vienna, Bogota, NYC, Munich, Morroco,and many more. De Todas Partes is about adventure and exploration. It is about the quest to feel home on planet earth. It is a coming of age story full of joy and sorrow. It is where east meets west and south becomes north. It is about that ageless question we all have beating inside our hearts. A question so deep that no one has even correctly formulated it yet. De Todas Partes is not about mankind or about modern society it is about life and its connected vanity. It is about the fact that even though there is nothing new under the sun every day feels like a new day. It is about nature. And how it does a great job at fooling you. It is about how if you don't let nature fool you don't feel complete. You get what you go for. This album is a milestone work for Abe Duque. Powerful music, extremely polished production, and a sprinkle of Kirlian magic make this album an instant classic."