1-2 Weeks
Back To My Roots EP

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"Laurent Garnier delivers his first dancefloor 12" release in five years, Back To My Roots EP, released on Âme and Dixon's Berlin house imprint, Innervisions. This release represents a truly inspirational night that saw Laurent Garnier's welcome return to the club that represents Berlin's electronic music scene to perfection -- Panorama Bar. It's 5a.m., and Garnier, five hours since his set began, is supposed to finish and let Dixon take over. But, the intensity and energy asks him to play on. So he does, for another three hours of magic. 'During that time I played the demo mix of the "Back To My Roots" track, which I'd made that week. Dixon jumped on me to ask what it was. He said that he loved the sound of it and asked me what I wanted to do with it, mentioning that he would really like to release it on Innervisions. I went back home on the Monday and worked straight away on another track, which I named "Panoramix" (a tribute to that night at Panorama). I sent a very rough demo to Dixon via download and received a text five minutes later saying that he wanted it. It happened really fast without me having any plans at all.' - Laurent Garnier. Closely guarded within the Innervisions and Garnier camp, Back To My Roots EP, goes well beyond the hype that it is naturally receiving. An excellent pairing brings one of the most highly revered electronic artists in the world, together with one of the most highly revered house music labels in the world. It works. 'When Laurent played "Back To My Roots" at Panorama, I immediately had the feeling that I was listening to a classic. It's a very unique, timeless production. Not hip, not modern, not old school. It is also a 12 minutes journey that is worth to play for that long. We are very happy that Laurent told me straight away in the club that he would be cool with releasing this EP on our label.'"