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"In past lives, who says we were actually anyone special, or even anyone at all? We could have been inanimate household objects, cookies or candles. Or perhaps we were star-beings, not even of this earth, breathing in silver and drinking gold in order to survive. Nothing would give greater pleasure to the earth people known as Lights than to have lived any of these former lives. Like the Queen of Cups, they've got a feeling and a compassion for everyone and everything. It's in their blood. Once you've started spinning their new record, Rites, you'll understand their feeling. Any band that mutates the powers of Jimi Hendrix, unicorns, Stevie Nicks, glowsticks, Prince, Indians and cowboys, Yoko Ono, red wine, Jem and Beyonce into their own smoothly flowing sound, they're acting from the heart -- or the dark side of their Id. Lights are a Brooklyn musical troupe that have shaped psychedelic mojo Pop into a serpentine smoke ring, floating over both New York's forbidding urban scapes and the West Coast's sunshine vibes. By which we mean that their songs are the lovechild of American soul music, country, metal, psychedelic rock, disco and new age. Together, Sophia Knapp, Linnea Vedder and Andy Macleod create Lights, a gang of outside/insiders with a multicolored, multitrack mind. Lights come through the visual spectrum. They see the aesthetic value of luxury items, the power of the object. For Lights, the Funkadelic diaper is an essential part of the P-Funk experience. There are no extraneous details. The look is as much of the encounter as the music. Whatever they were in a previous life, Lights aren't rocks or seaglass, beautiful but incapable of perception. They've got eyes and ears, they're human. No wait -- they're more than that! They're like a pool that everyone comes diving in and climbing out of. And algae gathers over time. And the sun and the moon shimmer on their surface. Lights will also be known for their raucous wild live shows that swirl with soft colors and night shapes provided by the one and only Wizard Smoke and her paint box of analog light show techniques. Lights just keep growing. They were born in rhythm, chanting their message -- but with Rites, Lights are passing into a more encompassing sense of what their music can be, a collage of the old and the new, where the American East meets the American West in a sexy fairytale world of magic, mirrors and white light."