Los Charapas De Oro


Infopesa present a reissue of Los Mirlos' Los Charapas De Oro, originally released in 1975. Back in the year 1972, seven young musicians from Moyobamba, a Peruvian city and the capital of the department of San Martin located in the Amazon region of northern Peru, arrived in Lima brandishing an iconic name that would soon become legendary: Los Mirlos. The original members of the band included singer and director Jorge Rodriguez, Gilberto Reátegui on lead guitar and composing duties, Dany Johnston on second guitar, and a rhythm section made up of Manuel Linares on bass guitar, Hugo Jauregi on drums, Carlos Vasquez on percussions, and Wagner Grandez providing backing vocals. By the time of their arrival to Peru's capital, they had distilled an exotic psychedelic flavor and incredible chemistry matched only by their determination to succeed. They quickly caught the eye of the Peruvian Record label Infopesa, which was responsible for the "Cumbia Amazónica" movement that was sweeping the country at the time. By 1973, they were signed by Infopesa and began an iconic and successful career that spawned nine long plays, two compilations, and several singles, all produced by prolific music producer Alberto Maraví. It must be noted that in the midst of these classic releases there was one that became their most popular album, their third album, correctly titled Los Charapas De Oro. "Charapa" is a common nickname Peruvians use to refer to people from the Amazon jungle where it's hotter than most places in the country, and "The Oro", well, it's how they are seen by their audiences: as guys made from gold because of their incredible talent and success! Los Charapas de Oro was released in 1975 winning an instant cult following by serving up irresistible guitar-driven classics such as "Sonido Amazónico", "La Danza del Petrolero", "Cabalgando Con Ella", and "Somos Los Mirlos". This cult classic has stood the test of time and is now being considered as one of the most collectable Latin American records ever produced. Remastered from the original analog tapes at Infopesa's studio by Aldo Montalvo under the direction of Juan Ricardo and Alberto Maraví, who produced and oversaw the original mastering of the record in 1975. Artwork features a reinterpretation of the original cover by well-known Peruvian collage master Yerko Zlatar. Includes Spanish-English liner notes.