Recovered Data 95


"House and techno music producer John Tejada's newest album project, Recovered Data 1995, is released under the name Lucid Dream as the second in Phthalo Records' Phthalo Origins series and is, as the Origins name implies, actually Tejada's very first full length, recorded back in 1995. The aggressively melodic album was recorded as a conscious, focused effort to get Tejada's music heard by other artists and DJs. And, of course, it worked: the result was a deal with now defunct A13 Records, with whom Tejada released two Lucid Dream singles and a full length album called Pure Punk. Recovered Data 1995, however, was in many ways the original version of that album. The original title was slated to be Palette, a name which electronic music aficionados will recognize as the name Tejada later used for his own record label, which started in 1996. But by the time Tejada was ready to release this album, A13 had changed direction towards a more club type style, asking Tejada to make new tracks. As a result, all of these tracks went unused, save for the album's first track, 'Grip,' which wound up being released on the Lucid Dream single Pot Hole in 1996. None of the others have seen the light of day since. John Tejada's thoughts on Recovered Data 1995: 'While digitizing old DAT tapes recently, I rediscovered this release which still holds a special place for me. I've always regretted the fact that with so many releases since, this one had yet to see the light of day. Back then it was a special time for making music. The tools were limiting, forcing you to be creative. There were no plug in synths or DAW workstations. No one I knew had a cell phone or even an email account yet. There were no MP3s or music blogs; so we didn't download, we drove to the record store to get new music and magazines to catch up on the global scene. It was quite a different time -- a time I really miss because of the undivided attention I could give my writing process. The result was a very personal work I am still proud of fourteen years later.'"