Return To Form

DC 418CD DC 418CD

"When you've got a love for music, there's no time to spare. The band called Major Stars all got other gigs that take them from place to place without room to converse much. That's okay, because they're about playing music, not small talkin'! So what's been going on around the practice space then? Major Stars have a new one that might lay it on you all at once like a plank of solid stone, and they're calling it Return to Form. Starting with a mid-fight schoolyard threat like 'Better Stay Down' (what, no exclamation point?), Major Stars do definitely seem to be returning to somewhere on this new new album, maybe even perhaps somewhere adolescent where the rock and roll was never better? But really, titling the whole damn thing Return to Form has some humor in it. Mirror/Messenger wasn't out of form; all Major Stars records have been a part of a vision and even if some shit said he or she (probably he) didn't like it, that doesn't really call for a response title on the next album. We read it like this: it's you who's returning to form! Major Stars atomized you to fucking bits on the last record and only now are you returning to a fully formed entity. And here Major Stars are to blow you to pieces again. You're fucked up. Return to Form's got eight pieces, all heavy rocks, a few of them come with power jams. There's also a few just under three minutes, but distinguished by riffage that lifts 'em up. The guitars trio of Wayne Rogers, Kate Village and Tom Leonard is into their third full album as such, allowing them to have fused into a wall of distorto with a myriad of identities but singular purpose. Behind their ubiquitous combination signal, the drums trample with pummelous authority. Still, they can't help but sound a bit crushed by the din, glorious din. This is Major Stars' signature rock of the easties -- more likened to the sounds of Motorpsycho than any of that psych-rock these days! Again, this is organic growth, home territory. Could it be that the space you know is better than the space you don't know? Major Stars got answer, and it's Return to Form."