1-2 Weeks
From East to West


Marcie's Still Waiting was created as a studio-only project by Rainer Spachmann and Rainer Winschermann at the latter's Mollycat studio in Velbert-Langenberg, Germany, in 1984. Minimalist synthwave: some really upbeat tunes here; some moody, dark, cold songs there. All with the appropriate amount of guitar and a touch of lovely saxophone. The two Rainers would both write and perform the songs with the occasional help of Frank Maakaron (formerly Behnke) at the keyboards and Thomas Döbber playing some bass guitar. Anne Weber and Nicole Klank contributed their heavenly voices on a couple of tracks. They self-released the four songs they recorded in 1985 as A Mysterious Song, which was distributed by Wishbone Records. Alan Bangs, from the Nachtrock radio program on Westdeutscher Rundfunk, would play the record almost daily. The number of fans rose immediately and soon one could hear "A Mysterious Song" at many clubs around Europe. A second batch of the EP was subsequently distributed by Roof Music with different cover art. Spachmann and Winschermann wrote and performed seven songs in 1985 and early 1986; they were never released, and later in 1986 Spachmann moved forward on his own, writing and recording four more songs at the Muuß studio in Kiel, this time with the help of Thomas Hartung on bass and M.A. Mozart on saxophone. Anne Weber joined again as well, co-writing one of the songs. These four were released as the Mirrors and Daydream EP on Roof Records, and shortly thereafter Marcie's Still Waiting vanished from the face of the earth. They never played live and there are no known pictures of them as a band, but what a legacy they left behind. Their timeless music is far from forgotten; it sounds just as fresh as if it were written this morning. Their two vinyl releases are highly sought-after and quite expensive; it's high time for the material to be made available again. From East to West includes the complete contents of A Mysterious Song and Mirrors and Daydream plus four previously unreleased tracks. Housed in heavy matte-finish sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Hand-numbered edition of 200.