Yara Remastered


The new label Oktaf is a platform for music in the realm of ambient, neo-classical and modern jazz. Marsen Jules presents one of his most important albums to-date -- a work of warm, shimmering ambient soundscapes, originally released on the Autoplate label in 2004, now available on CD for the first time and completely remastered. The Dortmund-based musician has been pushing the boundaries between ambient and neo-classical with his releases on City Centre Offices as well as with his contributions to the renowned Pop Ambient series on Kompakt for quite some time now. His music casts a delicate warmth that combines both digital and analog elements to create a sound that has inspired many artists over the years. With a completely reworked and remastered version, Marsen Jules fulfills his wish to release this gem from the back-catalog of the internet-label Thinner so that it will get the attention it deserves. On his follow-up to 2003's Lazy Sunday Funerals, Marsen Jules continues to work on his vision of blending otherworldly strings with fragile ambient sounds. The resulting compositions are reminiscent of the deep, atmospheric sounds of the Pop Ambient compilations, but in their minimalistic approach also pay respect to experimental composers such as Steve Reich and Eric Satie. The source material for Yara was the recording of a band from the circle of Marsen Jules' friends. After listening to it repeatedly, the background noises of the concert that were recorded accidently became more and more important for him: the tuning of an instrument, the opening of a beer can, the laughter of someone from the audience -- emotional moments that transcend the music itself and capture the very atmosphere of the concert. These acoustic fragments were afterwards digitally re-edited in the sense of musique concrète and then put together again to create a texture of elegant ambient sounds. The result is a highly personal sonic web of modulated loops and permanent tempo variations that have influenced many musicians in their creative output. The re-mastered version now impresses with an even richer, more complex sound than the original. In addition, U.S. designer Noah McDonald provided the cover artwork. Includes two bonus tracks not included on the original release. Limited to 500 copies only.