Tiny Little Widgets


This is the second solo album by Stuttgart-based Martin Eyerer, released on Cologne-based imprint BluFin, including a CD of album remixes. A double CD was chosen as the best format: first the album as a whole, secondly a CD containing the remixes. More than 20 (!) years of experience and well over a hundred (yes, 100) releases or remixes, as well as DJ gigs on every continent on earth, Martin Eyerer has a track record that speaks for itself. Two years after the distinctly dancefloor and club-oriented Word Of Mouth, once again musical diversity is the main focus. With skill and deliberation he manages to find the balance between DJ tools and listening pieces, while always staying true to himself. These tracks are not just geared towards DJs or clubbers, but generally for people with a musically open mind. Tiny Little Widgets represents new territory, both in the experimental and musical sense. To achieve this, Martin has deliberately picked artists from different genres with whom to collaborate. And crucially, where in the past Eyerer rarely incorporated vocals, he now breaks this mold. For example, he was able to work with the Cuban singer America Rodriguez for the song "Un Empujon." The track "Good Time" got its vocals from Reggae Don. The latter's dancehall vibe seems to be skillfully translated into an electronic tune. Then, there is another collaboration with Phil Barnes who, according to Eyerer, is "one of the best singers he knows." Especially gratifying and successful is the work with internationally well-known singer, Kosheen. Over the last 10 years, Martin has created three remixes for her -- and now it was her time to contribute back the other way. Once again, the impressive list of remix producers speaks for itself: Thomas Schumacher, Florian Meindl, Tigerskin, Namito, Sasse vs. Phonogenic, Gel Abril, Martin Wörner, Helmut Dubnitzky, Chase Buch & Nick Olivetti, Patrick Zigon, Nicole Moudaber, and Stephan Hinz. These names, like Martin himself, stand for high quality club sounds and contribute their own interpretations of Tiny Little Widgets tracks.