Shape of Things to Come

CH 4802CD CH 4802CD

1968: garage rock, psychedelic sounds, mind-expanding substances, and wicked, colorful, fantastic movies pointing at a probably strange future or dealing with the then-current dissatisfying political and social situation or with the abuse of drugs. The Vietnam War had reached a preliminary peak in its progress; the atmosphere was full of either love or fury. A great time to create a movie about a future society of young people taking over the reign in the USA; the first step on this film's path to success was a rock band, Max Frost and the Troopers. Not much is known about the musicians who participated in the soundtrack of Wild in the Streets (1968) and released their sole album, Shape of Things to Come, the same year. The band's name is a reference to the film, in which Frost refers to his friends and followers as "troopers." This reissue includes both Shape of Things to Come and the entire soundtrack album for Wild in the Streets. The music ranges from fuzzed-out garage beat via soulful, high-energy rock to acid freak-outs. The compositions show a straight and accessible structure with a decent dance groove typical of the pop music of the day. Some tinges of psychedelia like howling fuzz guitars, darker harmonies, and swirling sitar lines were added for good measure. All 19 songs here are memorable pieces of late 1960s acid pop, and despite the movie-related revolutionary and political statements in the lyrics, all the tunes will drive you into a state of sheer bliss. Recommended for fans of late 1960s acid pop and garage psych in the vein of The Third Bardo, The Seeds, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and The Music Machine.