OSR 1001LP OSR 1001LP

"Some will find it hard to believe that a glamrock band with a gritty urban veneer came from Texas and stuck together long enough to release this milestone record. Indeed, I was startled to learn that they're from Texas and not NYC or London. Clearly the underground music scene throughout Texas is fertile with talent and enough socio-cultural diversity to support any genre, including mid-70s glamrock. Metz take on glam includes some of the associated clichés like heavy chunks of chord strokes and catchy riffs, danceable rhythms and beats, and a vocalist with some theatrical influence in the singing department. Besides the obvious, Metz bring some original flair that pushes their material over the top! Instead of the lead singer getting all the attention (he sounds like a cross between Marc Bolan and a less angry Johnny Rotten), its the two or three sassy black girls that steal the show with the best vocals (leads & harmonies) on the entire album. These streetwise babes strut along as they dish out extra servings of sex appeal during performances, which is a scarce gender switch for glam rock. Metz also provide lots of mind-stripping guitar solos and untamed organ with hovering Lesle cabinets that occasionally drift into dark and gothic sound trips. All of the music is dance-friendly and some tracks have extended endings so you can have more time to boogie while too friend on ecstasy (note: MDMA was an underground nightclub drug around the Houston and Dallas areas during the 70s, and the drug's first market many years before psychotherapists and acid house fans realized its potential) to notice your dance partners adams apple or beastly back hair. It's an album way overdue for reissuing." - Scott "Loopden" Bubrig, Acid Archives.