A Total Electric Happening

MN 1011CD MN 1011CD

Mind Garage are one of those dozens of bands from the commercial bottom section of the psychedelic rock genre in the late '60s, rather unknown to the record buying audience due to the fact they came from the Christian music scene, similar to The Search Party with their 1969 Montgomery Chapel album. Just a bit more professional in the sense that these guys here are real musicians with the aim to play music, and not a bunch of talented people from a Christian community that puts the word of the lord into a garment of flashing and swirling acid rock. Mind Garage were also different from the more trippy female-fronted project mentioned above. Their music was built on blues-drenched yet utterly dirty and fuzzed-out guitar lines; captivating organ carpets; naughty, angry vocals; and a rather possessed kind of power-drumming that gives the music an irresistibly sexy groove in case they did not slow down for a mind-melting trip into the colored depths of LSD-based insanity. And they did all of this in the name of the lord. The sound is rough and you can hear that the band recorded each song in one take with no overdubs, but this proves how gifted and talented these guys were, and how much love and effort they put into their music. And the raw production makes the music feel even more gruff and honest. This compilation contains their very first single, privately released in 1968 through their own Morning Glori label, plus eight previously unreleased songs. Beautiful garage-psych, as the band name already implies, made for all fans of bands like The Third Bardo, Fraction, The Seeds, The Head Shop, H. P. Lovecraft, The Doors. So roll a blunt in praise of the lord and let the world feel the greatness of the holy smoke while enjoying this lovely freak-out rock.