Where Were You When It Happened?

DC 411CD DC 411CD

"Monotonix are back -- but how can this be, if they never really went away? They're the People's Rock Band, playing anywhere and everywhere that they're allowed to play all around the world. Nobody anywhere has played more gigs than Monotonix over the past two years. Nobody -- unless 'playing gigs' is code for scratching one's ass, in which case, we're all as Godly as the Monotonix crew. Speaking of ass, wait'll you see the back of Where Were You When It Happened? ! What it lacks in cheek, it makes up for in crack. But what are Monotonix supposed to do? Fans of their incredible live energy insist that their first record, the Body Language EP, is great, but can't possibly approach the thrill that comes from being rocked from within, doused with band-sweat, trash and a variety of drinks, mooned and then challenged to bear the group aloft while they climax their relentless assault. Fucking duh! No LP, CD or DVD can duplicate that -- not even Blu-Ray (not yet). Still, over the course of their two releases, Monotonix have mastered an approximation of their live rush. Where Were You When It Happened? roils and rocks with frenetic glee, shows a lot of skin, and is over before you know it. Where Were You When It Happened? works up a sweat with raw rock and roll, acid guitar licks and riffs, screaming choruses and, in general, the wildness of Monotonix in a way that makes for repeated album listening (and pummeling). How did they do it? Where most bands refine their production sound as they go forward, Monotonix have reverse-refined themselves, playing dirtier and more energetic to capture the lightning they are known for."