Room Mist

LM 002EP LM 002EP

"LuckyMe is very proud to present the first release from the collaborative project between Nadsroic and Hudson Mohawke. This EP contains 6 tracks of explosive future R&B, folk influences and dancefloor heat. With a mixture of club-friendly bangers such as 'Room Mist' and 'Step Back' and more reflective personal songs like 'Leopards' and 'Chemical' alongside 'All Hot' -- an almost unclassifiable blend of live percussion and ethereal diva vocals. Nadsroic is the singing/rapping alias of Ciorsdan Brown alongside the young phenom' producer Hudson Mohawke. To date, the young team have only played a handful of shows as Nadsroic including Radio One Sessions and live alongside Optimo -- for whom they are also releasing a record on their Oscarr imprint. Ciorsdan was schooled in the Scottish Highlands and immersed in folk music before being dropped in the ugly Glasgow metropol of hip hop, techno, electro & club music. With spells living in Copenhagen and currently based in semi-rural Japan it's hard to say where this 22 year old jetsetter picked up her natural sensibility for real pop and future R&B. When she's not teaching children, go see her in a rare live show either back home in Glasgow or Japan. Based in Glasgow, UK, 22 year old Hudson Mohawke currently has the world's beat scene in a headlock with his heavy drum programming and cosmic synth slop. A teenage UK, DMC and ITF champion, Hudson has been honing his craft as a part of internationally renowned production duo Heralds of Change, seminal Scottish hip hop group Surface Emp and as part of the LuckyMe collective of dynamic, neo-beatmakers. He made his debut release on Warp records with the Polyfolk Dance EP and has been clocking up serious international mileage with his impressive DJ schedule."