Neil Michael Hagerty

DC 182CD DC 182CD

"Hey, I'm not a big fan of that prick Stalin, but he had the right idea about history. It's just a matter of erasing a few people from photographs and changing dates. So, I'm not impressed by the marketplace c***suckers trying to tell me what is what. They don't know s***, they don't know rock and roll. That's The Spaniels, Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers and about five other guys and that's it. There's plenty of style and abstraction to be rewritten and reintroduced on the unsuspecting to keep other people in business for decades to come -- no problem with getting co-opted. But what about the humans? They have been undervalued. So, at any rate, this isn't a chip-based module to stick 'in the slot,' if you know what I mean. That's fine. If you want to say something about this record don't write nothing, let's notate this bulls*** strictly with invoices and bills of lading -- even liens!!! Say it was built on particular sounds I like: shoe sounds on a basketball court, boxes getting kicked around by bored kids, mama snoring like a pig; the low-end is all electronic, you can say that, but all recorded music is electronic by definition, so why bother? You can say that all the songs are 'straight up,' no more propaganda-parodies for me; what did that ever get me but too much money and obsessive fans? Every song is about someone I have met in my travels over the years and I've met a lot of people so I have plenty of material in store (watch your step, pal.). Each song is either from the point of view of that person or from another person's point of view of that person; it's not my point of view, that is where the guitar comes in. I want to just make good on a bit of music that's been forgotten. Just something nice to go out and hear at a club.Your parents will hate it, but your grandparents might like it if they're ! ! dead and floating around. They do that after death, I'm told." -- Neil Michael Hagerty, 2000