LN 026CD LN 026CD

"Featuring contributions from Modeselektor, Claro Intelecto, Pole, Arovane, DJ Maxximus and More!!! The collaborative venture of Thaddi Herrmann and Michael Zorn, No Movement No Sound No Memories first piqued the collective consciousness with their 1999 12" release Removed; a selection of dub-marinated, digital exhalations that attracted all the right attention (Basic Channel; stand-up) and featured one of Pole's first remixes... Ever! With a fresh new 12" for 2006 (Acetate), the splendid folk at Lux Nigra have decided to release a CD which comprises the two vinyl and even chucks a bonus cut ('Fabric.') in for good measure; the result? Utterly blinding. Despite now being 7 years old (7!), 'Edit.' is a startling diktat on the 'quality-over-quantity' maxim, with the original mix proving just how nuanced and accomplished electronic music can be -- as a bleached static cowl is shrugged off by the low-end ruminations and the fine detail reveals itself to the ear. Matched by the consummate skills of Arovane, Pole, Artificial Duck Flavour, Multipara and no.9, there's more than enough to indulge the tastes of all... And we're not even half way through yet. Pausing for the exclusive 'Fabric.' (a carbonated smear of blistered digitalis and frosty atmospherics), we're then into the second half, where remix duty is handled by the like of Modeselektor, Claro Intelecto and DJ Maxximus. Evolving from a bleak introduction that hints at scarred skies, 'Acetate.' flourishes with machine sunshine and beautific emissions aplenty -- allowing the intricately plotted music to evolve in the most natural way imaginable. Into the mixes, Maxxximus ups the dub swagger for a bare-bone set of steam-pipe emissions, Modeselektor focus on the s-t-u-t-t-e-r-i-n-g beats and optimistic wash, whilst Claro Intelecto reassembles 'Acetate' into a bleakly nihilistic, midnight monster. Killer sounds, fantastic memories."