1-2 Weeks

DC 362.1CD DC 362.1CD

"'Do you like Derek Bailey?' This was the question posed to Jim O'Rourke on his first meeting with bass-playing fury Darin Gray. Fifteen years later, this Osorezan record might help you guess the answer -- but in case you're on the dense side: yes, Jim liked Derek Bailey and he got on famously with Darin too. They've made lots of great records together (Brise Glace, Hoffman Estates, All Most Heaven, Jim's solo albums) and had lots of laughs making 'em. Osorezan came about when Jim was given the opportunity to bring some players to Japan to basically do whatever he wanted. A wide, kinky net for sure -- but after considering his options, what he chose to do was a 'deep roots' project (spoilsport!), a return to the kind of music he played before anything else, way back at the beginning (circa the '80s and his teenage years, in case you're wondering when the beginning was). The very nature of free jazz/improvisation means that you are always joining up with other people -- and over the years, Jim had participated in plenty of sessions such as these (developing a guitar style that has grown and changed but remains essentially the same one he started with), but had never initiated one of his own. He's been a shy lad, though you wouldn't know it from reading The Wire. And so Osorezan was formed! Jim on electric guitar and Darin on contrabass bonded with Chris Corsano, who's blown the free world on its tony ass with his unbridled power, intensely collaborative nature and smooth stickwork behind the kit (before you get any ideas, he's a drummer). Plus, Björk's fans seem to like him too. Mimidokodesuka was recorded live at the Pit Inn in Tokyo during a 2005 residency that included sets with alto sax legend Akira Sakata (recordings of which have been released separately and elsewhere). The music appears here pretty much as played, all from the first set. The agreement between players is kinetic and immediate, with everybody playing alternately for each other and to the skies. There's lots of color and dynamic tension, for those of you who like that sort of thing. Lots of good awesomeness too, if you're interested in that. Mimidokodesuka means 'where's my ear?' You'll find the question appropriate to the listening experience, especially if you do the right thing and PLAY IT LOUD."