ED 032 CD ED 032 CD

"Ready for a new dive into the submarine forms schemed in our Stereophonic Elefant Dance Recordings laboratories? Be ready for a surprising, exciting new act: Radio is something unique, an exceptional work that will show you new horizons in the Spanish electronic scene. Radio is the result of the combined forces of Silvania and Prozack in order to get away from the conventional and to embrace the unknown. Each of the parts involved had already rediscovered techno in their very own way: Prozack and his austere explorations, always elaborating puzzling calculations based on transparent repetitions; Silvania, lovers of the intricate, drawing superimposed forms whose vision requires many analysis. Together, as Radio, they take their premises to a new field, achieving to place techno, and even house, in a watery, constant, alive-and-kicking place. Which are the common features of artists like Herbert, Maurizio... or labels like Ladomat, Basic Channel...?. The updating of a language that had been withered by so many copycats with nothing to say. Radio struggle for bringing us new reinterpretations far away from the obvious, allowing us to see what we already know under a new light. Here´s a work in which rhythm, cadence and space have the same value. The fruits of a quest for new sounds and forms, taking extreme care of the slightest detail. New concepts, new forms, Radio, the artists and the album, all blending in a polyedric whole that places itself on the top of international avant-garde music of today."