1-2 Weeks
Cats And Dogs

DC 032CD DC 032CD

"Summer '93: Whether you believed it or not, the stakes were rising like high water all around. It was better to accept it; there was money in the air for those who wanted some. Royal Trux dreamed about close encounters with money; it was their kind of time. And in kind, they were ready to give music back that would be worth the money -- worth it for everyone. Meanwhile, it was just over two years since Twin Infinitives redefined the bottom of the barrel for listeners and those who watched the listeners (who listened too of course). Royal Trux had tried silence and they preferred rock and roll. Their untitled album of late 1992 was a sign of life; a sign illuminated by a three-month run down the road in the fall of that year. Royal Trux were back in a way they'd never really been before. Cats and Dogs hit the street in June of '93 and represented a quantum leap from everywhere Royal Trux had previously broadcast from. Their innate feel for disparate styles had been demonstrated over the course of three wildly diverse albums, but Cats and Dogs wove diversity expertly throughout its eleven songs, all united by an interest in rhythmic rock and roll. There was the mulch of grunge, a lean stand of retro-soul, plumes of psychedelic vapor and a thudding post-garage, all of which was flung out venomously as if owed to no one. It sounded like fun -- the laughs that had always been encoded in Trux songs were warmer this time around. Their planet had drawn eerily close to earth; we were almost able to read the signs from where we stood."