Bad Science

WB 006EP WB 006EP

"Anyone with even the most fleeting interest in electronic music knows Rustie. His 2007 debut Jagz The Smack on Stuffrecords marked the beginning of a new musical movement and went down as one of the most unique debut 12"s of our time. Now he's back in effect and badder than ever, with a new Wireblock EP brimming with bold new moves and packing a serious punch. Continuing to wield his twisted sabre with single-minded determination, Rustie's sound is now sharply defined, yet more unhinged than ever. Amazingly enough for an artist who has had such a huge impact over the last year, this is only Rustie's second full EP. A handful of appearance's on compilations and remixes for the likes of Jamie Lidell (Warp), Modeselektor (BPitch Control) and Zomby (Hyperdub) have given us just a taste of what was to come. 'Tar' serves as the perfect intro; drenched in the signature Rustie sound it's a warped hip hop track that sounds like an 8-bit interpretation of the hyphy movement. This paves the way for the long anticipated title track with a simply massive drop that sees dancefloor carnage and a bombardment of re-load requests at every outing. Hyperdub visionary Kode9 even took time out of his busy schedule to tell us 'that Rustie track 'Bad Science' you sent me is goin down huge in the US.' The flip is dedicated to last years 'Zig Zag' masterpiece, this time in two re-worked forms. 'Wireblock' pull out all the stops for this one, enlisting none other than the Drexciyan professor, Mr Heinrich Mueller, to provide the remix; a typically sterile exercise in electronic restraint and contemplation, with just the slightest trace of Rustie's input in evidence. This rigid mix provides an interesting counterpoint to the stumble and swagger of the rest of the EP, completing a perfect 12"."