1-2 Weeks
Introducing: Ryan Trevor

DC 419LP DC 419LP

"Wow...we can't seem to figure out the true story of Ryan Trevor - we're not sure he even knows it! Is he an industry guy who pitched songs to Barry Manilow, wrote songs for Sesame Street, and roadied for infamous germaphobe Robin Trower? Is he a sensitive loner-folker who lived in England and all over the globe? Is he an ex-60's Indiana garage band kid who rocked in 'The Blue Glue?' Or did he simply replace his friend Paul McCartney when he 'died' in 1968? It just might be all of the above, though working closely with Trevor (well, as closely as we can get to New Zealand -- it's about eight thousand miles away) has shed remarkably little light on the man - even his exhaustive autobiography ends in the early 70s, just before he started recording music! The usually in-depth Acid Archives has a mere one sentence listed about the man. Is this a conspiracy? What we do know is that he produced one incredibly rare and homespun pop LP in 1977, Introducing: Ryan Trevor. It may have been merely a demo for a never-materialized Warner Brothers album (though we question the veracity of this claim), or a definitive concept album statement (are there any non-concept albums that begin with an 'Overture')...but we'll let the music speak for itself. A privately-pressed bit of psych-pop perfection, Introducing: Ryan Trevor at last answers the question on ALL of our minds: 'What if R. Stevie Moore and Emitt Rhodes recorded an album with Joe Meek's ghost in the late 70s?' Whatever the case, what you have in your hands is a near-exact repro of an insanely catchy song cycle of Macca-melodies, subverted by copious amounts of phase, fuzz, and a bedroom production ambience that would certainly make Bob Pollard, Ariel Pink or The Godz jealous. Drag City/Galactic Zoo Disk is proud to get this incredible rarity back into circulation, where it can soon after be filed next to your Rundgren and Brian Wilson records in the 'loner genius' section."