1-2 Weeks
The Musical Paintings, Vol. 1

DC 377CD DC 377CD

"Since 2002, British musician Sean O'Hagan and Belgian artist Jean Pierre Muller have collaborated on several installations utilizing a fantastic conceptual innovation called 'The Musical Painting.' The Musical Paintings Vol. 1 is a book that catalogs images from the first two installations, 'Waterloo to Waterloo,' and 'The Musical Wheel.' Additionally, the book contains an enhanced CD with the musical material from both shows as well as a computer version of 'The Musical Wheel,' which is kind of like The Beatles' 'Love,' but without the fruity acrobats and jugglers. Just kidding, it has much more integrity than that. The concept fairly much describes the object: a free-standing painting which houses a musical composition within. The painting surface comprises of multiple panels, some of which respond to touch, triggering aspects of the composition looped within. The responsive panels act as tools enabling the viewer to alter the music as they encounter the painting. Though The Musical Painting employs advanced digital processing which enables remixing options, the interaction, surface and content (musical and visual) are organic and tactile. The painted panels offer a storyboard, which may or may not relate to the composition. It is for the viewer to decide and invent, making the live encounter uniquely human. The book encounter is also a human event, utilizing the turning of pages and the use of eyeballs to simulate an everyday encounter. But seriously, Jean Pierre Muller's colorful contemporary pop-art visual commentaries are accompanied by Sean O'Hagan in fullest 20th century soundtrack mode -- multi layered, yet light compositions twisted with electronic rhythms and modulations. Together, they create an engaging, thought-provoking A/V experience, whether viewed in the gallery or in front of the speakers at home with the bong and your copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook. Free your mind and your sensibilities will follow!" Book = 96 pages, hardcover, full-color.