1-2 Weeks
Watergate 04

WG 004CD WG 004CD

Sebo K mixes and curates this fourth volume in Watergate Records' series of mixes dedicated to the sounds of the Watergate Club in Berlin. Sebo K has long been a key figure in Berlin's music community, starting his DJ career in the early '90s at Alec Empire's Bass Terror nights, Berlin's first UK-style breakbeat parties. By the mid '90s he had discovered his love for Chicago house and Detroit techno -- a passion evident to anyone who has heard the vintage depths many of his tracks nod to -- and at the turn of the decade began playing regularly at legendary clubs throughout Berlin. With a number of solid releases for Mobilee under his belt and tracks appearing on countless compilations and mixes, he's becoming an unstoppable force in the electronic music scene. His love for soulful, deep vibes combined with his ability to transition seamlessly between minimal techno and straight house -- and an uncanny ability to blur the lines between the two -- has reinforced the importance of house in an age seemingly inundated by techno lovers. Sebo now steps in to mix Watergate 04 and showcases his talent in a mix filled with Watergate exclusive edits by artists such as Rndm (of Dial fame), Agnes from Switzerland and Sebo K himself. Also, you will find some hard to find classics by Mood II Swing and Rick Wade as well as an exclusive by dOP, who contributed an intro specially composed for this mix. All this adds up to make a superb mix of timeless deep house music just the way you would hear it at one of Sebo K's nights at the Berlin's Watergate Club. Other artists include Koljah & Oliver Deutschmann, Session Victim, Daze Maxim, Blagger, Martyn, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, Je Davu, Sid Le Rock, DJ Koze and Nina Kraviz.