3-4 Weeks
Exclusive Collector's Edition

CAP 21820CD CAP 21820CD

Deluxe box with two reissued albums from Sevda, plus a bonus DVD Sevda live on Swedish television 1972. "It was back in the early 1970s, more precisely in 1971, the Turkish trumpet player Maffy Falay decided to start the band that would go on to be legendary -- Sevda. Maffy had been living in Sweden since 1960, working both there and in Europe (for instance with the famous Clarke-Boland Big Band in Cologne and in Kurt Edelhagen's Radio Orchestra), and was widely known in jazz circles. Maffy had this notion -- something he also frequently demonstrated -- that the combination of Turkish folk music and jazz was a match made in heaven. Turkish folk music is modal, highly rhythmic and profoundly improvisational, a fact that corresponded well to the developments in jazz in the 1960s. The sound for the first album, Jazz i Sverige '72 Maffy Falay/Sevda, came from the audio-track of a live television recording that was made by Swedish Television on the 15th March 1972. Initially the plan was to make the album by recording a concert with the group at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm in February that same year, and, for the B-side, do a studio session. However, the television recording turned out so good, that it was decided to use it to do the whole album. Besides the original members, Bernt Rosengren (tenor sax & flute) and Okay's younger brother Akay Temiz (darbuka) is also featured on this recording. The second album, Sevda Live at Jazzhus Montmartre featuring Salih Baysal (RIKS LP 41/CAP 21822), was recorded only a week after the first album, when the group made a guest appearance at the legendary jazz club Montmartre in Copenhagen. A young Nils Winther-Rasmussen (founder of the label Steeplechase) recorded the concert on his tape-recorder and managed to capture the groove and drive that was the true hallmark of the group. Both albums that Sevda made for Caprice are included in this exclusive and unique collector's edition, available on CD for the first time. Besides these this edition also features a bonus DVD with the two original television programs that Swedish Television broadcast in 1972 and 1973; accordingly the same recording that was used for the first album." Artists include: Maffy Falay, trumpet; Brent Rosengren, tenor sax; Salih Baysal, violin; Gunnar Bergston, bari sax; Ove Gustaffson, bass; Okay Temiz, drums; Akay Temiz, darbuka. DVD is NTSC all-region format; aspect ratio: 4:3; audio: Dolby Digital 2.0.