Puddle Jumping During A Monsoon

QS 128CD QS 128CD

"Puddle Jumping During A Monsoon is the debut EP by Shakeyface alias Doug. In the age of 15 he played in a questionable indie band and started to work on his early Shakeytracks and was soon making Shakeytapes every couple months and copying them for friends and random people who were feeling the vibe. Doug spent a spell at Berklee School of Music in Boston, even if it was basically a dark period in his life, that is where he began to seriously dig in the crates. The sampler was his new instrument, and he would stay up until dawn every night to perfect it. Soon enough, Shakey had to get to New York. Late night beat making sessions lasted until the wee hours. At the same time, Shakey also promoted a monthly party that allowed him to envelop his DJ style as well the chance to work with some amazing musicians: Africa Bambaataa, I-Sound, We(TM), Grandmaster D.ST, Push Button Objects and many others. Puddle Jumping During A Monsoon is a sonic mish mash in the most wonderful sense of the word. Dub, jazz, soul, found sounds, 60's pop, odd bits and pieces here and there, all of these things were put in a hip-hop blender and set to puree. Raw soul floats over electro bleeps while chunky hip-hop beats dance with reggae riddims. From the opening dubbed out piano lines of Helpless, underpinned by military drums and vocals about feeling lost in our increasingly militaristic society to the lazy hip hop of AheadBehind and the meditative 'Crazy, Crazy Like A Fox', Puddle Jumping During A Monsoon is a glorious sonic collage and emotionally as well. Shakeyface's music is based on the juxtaposition of opposing moods and feelings."