Hue is the new record by British multi-instrumentalist Simon Goff. Limited edition of 300. Includes download code. The record is formed as an impression of the sound and music from a dance installation created by Goff along with visual artist Sebastian Kite (UK) and choreographer Lisanne Goodhue (Canada) in 2015. The work presents a non-hierarchal scenic and temporal space that challenges traditional concepts and modes of experiencing dance performance, concert music and visual art. The installation consists of a series of spaces defined by large translucent screens, color projection, live sound and dance. Performers and audiences occupy an ambulatory space together, both parties having a direct influence on the course of the piece: physically, visually and sonically. The artists shift their practices collectively and individually, transitioning the space between installation and performance to encourage sensitive observation through repetition and change. After being a member of Leeds (UK) based cult-pop band Hope and Social for six years, Goff is continuing to explore how to involve spectators and other performers in his creative process. Through the use of motion sensing technology, the music for Hue is formed by people moving through the space, triggering samples and electronic devices. Inspired by the minimalist music of Terry Riley and his contemporaries, the score for Hue is formed as a series of musical cells that can be combined and looped in any order. The cover of the record is an impression of the score used by Goff in the performances. From this score, Goff performed as a live musician in the installation, interacting with the sound generated from people's movement in the space. The installation used color as a compositional bridge between visual art, music and dance. Primary and secondary colors form movements that can be combined in any sequence and adapt their respective durations depending on the atmosphere in the room. The result is a subtly shifting atmosphere and ambience informed by all participants in the work. Simon Goff is a British multi-instrumentalist, improviser, producer and composer. He is a classically trained violinist who also spent his formative years studying bass guitar with Herbie Flowers (David Bowie, Lou Reed). He focuses mainly on string instruments and electronic processing and in recent years he has written music for dance, film and sound installation.