1-2 Weeks
Caos EP

C1LW 009EP C1LW 009EP

"One of the most played tracks during this season in Ibiza supported by all the main DJs (Loco Dice, Alex Under, Martinez, 2000 and One, Matt Star, Billy Dalessandro). Miguel Sar aka Tadeo is one of the most important artists of the Spanish electronic scene. His productions for Apnea, CMYK musik and Cyclical Tracks (this label managed by himself), have been all the rave throughout the world. His latest releases, Tercer Color de Luminancia: Azul and Cosmos have been so sensational, they have been praised by many and charted by even more. Now Cray1 comes to keep up the good reviews. And for sure they will. Caos EP is a release similar to Tadeo's previous ones: hypnotic techno, serious, groovy and mental, influenced by the city of Motor, Detroit, and its great techno-masters. On one side we have 'Caos,' a vast old-school techno track, with a great melodic load and ultra-groovy. On the other side, 'Fractal,' more upfront and cutting-edge on the dancefloor. The mixture of classic and contemporary sounds is unbeatable (100% Tadeo sound), which makes each song a potential hit. Be alert and don't miss this opportunity to be the first to spin what we'll be listening to non-stop during the upcoming years. There is no doubt this is techno for the future! If that wasn't enough (something we consider unlikely), we give you the opportunity to enjoy the sensational, funky micro-tech exercise by Fusiphorm. This French producer, a regular on Foundsound, has remixed 'Fractal,' Tadeo's techno hit, giving it a minimalistic and avant-garde touch, contributing to a higher groove and and even larger dose of 'danceability.' As if it weren't already unequalled on the dancefloor."