They Made Us Do It


This is the second full-length album from brother duo Andi and Hannes Teichmann. They Made Us Do It contains pure analog, dirty and sophisticated dance music, with a wide range of influences: from Chicago house to German psychedelic Krautrock, from skweee to minimal techno, from ambient to bass, from the first collaboration with their free-jazz daddy on saxophone up to collaborations with modern classical musicians. As live musicians and DJs, Andi and Hannes Teichmann have travelled around the globe, also becoming curators of the project BLNRB, where they brought together and worked with artists from Nairobi and Berlin. They produced a highly original mix of different styles and sounds on their compilation Kraut Und Rüben and were assigned by The Goethe Institute to represent the German electronic scene in numerous countries -- a journey which took them to Algeria, through China, South Africa, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to Afghanistan. In all these countries, they were not only giving live and DJ performances, they also held workshops and actively sought out local art and music contacts and built networks. Since their first album, The Number Of The Beat (DB 149CD/LP) in 2007, the Teichmann Brothers have been exploring new and unknown, as well as already-penetrated musical territories. The result of these experiments has resulted in this hybrid album, composed of many citations. Johnny Dangerous aka Foremost Poets raises his voice on a Teichmann remix of "My Nenita/Not Asleep" (originally by Fran Bareth). DJ Tijana T from Belgrade turns more knobs and sings on "Hangover With Me." A duet from the Philippines duo Rubber Inc. turns "The Faketory" into a cosmic disco-rave Western to which Uli Teichmann donates an energetic sax-solo -- it is worth mentioning that this is the first-ever collaboration of father and sons on one record. Composer Leopold Hurt plays arpeggio on "Different Brains," accompanied by The Happy End master of chords, Benni King, with his infamous Circle of Death effects. Cellist Mathis Mayr from Ensemble Mosaik and baritone Alois Späth divert "Auf Dem Wasser" into a crossover between Ennio Morricone and Aphex Twin. Over all of this, Teichmann pour out a magnificent torrent of sci-fi, space-techno and disco.