Muscle Machine


"Terence Fixmer, born in Lille (north of France) in 1972, discovered the EBM (Electronic Body Music) when he was 15 and became a Nitzer Ebb-, Front 242-, Klinik-, A GrÜhm- and DAF- fan. At the beginning of the 90's he was a party freaker and his interest for the electronic sound increased with the apparition of the New-Beat and Techno in Belgium. At this time he started to buy records and 'flashed' on VortrexX from Final Eexposure to Plus Eight Records . In 1992, he decided to produce his own music and he started to throw parties called 'Cosmos' and 'Space' in a club called Pyramide. One and a half year later he released his first EP on the Belgium label Diki Rec. In 1993 he moved to Rotterdam for his studies and produced some other EPs for different labels, under different pseudonyms. In 1995, he worked with his old school mate Emmanuel Top. But all this was just the beginning: in 1998 Terence decided to start his own label Planete Rouge Records. The second release on it (after Gemini 9 EP) was the first one under his real name: Terence Fixmer: 'Electrostatic'. The 3 tracker (first released on Planete Rouge and them licensed to Gigolo Records) was played by the biggest DJ's world wide, such as Dave Clarke, Sven Vath, Jeff Mills, DJ Hell etc. 'Electrostatic' was voted among the biggest tune of the year 1999 by many magazines and DJ's. In the same year Terence remixed DJ Hell's 'This is for you' (Disko B) and released his 2nd EP on Gigolo: 'Electric Vision'. At the same time he presents his first live act with Sven Väth at Cocoon-Club in Frankfurt. Terence finally remixed Sven Väth's: 'Ein Waggon voller Geschichten' (Virgin), which was voted to the 10 best remixes of the year 2000 by different magazines. He managed to transmit in his live performances the particular energy he got in his EPs; a kind of full power EBM and Techno. In 2001 Terence moves to Berlin, released the Body Pressure EP on Gigolo, of course another floor burner. In September 2001 he will finally release his first full-length-album Muscle Machine, unique Fixmer-style, straight, high-energy, 7 dancefloor-tunes."