Bullwinkle Part II: Surfers' Pajama Party Recorded Live On The U.C.L.A. Campus


Go! Bop! present a reissue of The Centurions's Surfers' Pajama Party Recorded Live On The U.C.L.A. Campus, originally released in 1963. Few acts have a cult reputation such as The Centurians, or The Centurions as they were originally called. In 1967, they changed their name to The Centurians for legal reasons. The main point of interest though is this set of killer tunes. Original pressings fetch prices of $200, and due to their appearance in Pulp Fiction (1994), this band has gained a cult following of younger people who have kept their legacy alive, even bringing them to reunite for a second career. The Centurians are definitely a Californian band. But they seem to come from the darker, windier, and dirtier part of the beach, where only overly tattooed bikers get their willing victims laid and the rough sea craves for the lives of daring surf maniacs. The music is surf rock'n'roll, but it's different to most of the fluffy good time party bands. The bass guitar plays a mean line with all the tunes to give 'em a bent-out-of-shape spine, at which the beats of the drum, the desperately howling saxophone, and the gloomy twangy guitar, get tightened with rusty wire. The performance presented here is excellent. The musicians belong to the best of their genre. The atmosphere is just utterly mysterious, dark, and dusty, and the steaming hot melodies and the fuzzed-out bass and saxophone lines will have you grasping for air. The most popular tracks here are the ones that appeared on Pulp Fiction, "Bullwinkle Pt. II" and "Comanche", which is a famous tune from back in the day (the Pulp Fiction OST features a ravaging version by The Revels). The whole record has this desperate expression, a hunger for life, and a love young fellows from the darker side of town had back then, and still have. A long overdue proper reissue of a long-lost classic. Includes six bonus tracks.