The No Sorrows

KB 004LP KB 004LP

London's noisiest folk-rock six-piece, The No Sorrows, release their long-awaited, self-titled LP via King Bill Records. Taking the earthy melodies and celestial harmonies of the British psychedelic folk boom and placing them against a driving drone-rock backing, The No Sorrows were described by the NME as sounding like "a mix of early Fairport Convention and Dinosaur Jr in full flight." Formed in 2008 in leafy Stoke Newington, The No Sorrows have been mutating and developing ever since, adding soaring violin and rich multi-tracked harmonies to the basic guitar, bass and drums setup. They've supported the likes of The Clientele, Alessi's Ark, The Magnetic Mind and their good friends The See See, and recently hit a major career high playing on a bill with Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band. The No Sorrows's first LP was recorded in unusual circumstances: in a tumbledown farmhouse in France's "diagonal of emptiness", the remote and rolling Limousin valley. The band carted all their gear down from London and set up in the living room, letting the rustic surroundings soak into every musical note. As front man Tom Huddleston says: "It was like Exile On Main Street without the drugs. Or the hookers. Or the piles of money. But otherwise it was exactly the same." The result is a record that takes the listener on a journey, to a hazy, sun-kissed country where it's always 1972. Which isn't to say there's not a hint of darkness lurking in The No Sorrows sonic palette as well: jagged guitars and thundering drums are a key part of their unique sound. "We've never placed any limits on what we can or can't do," Huddleston explains. "Imagine being only a folk band, or only a psych band, or only an indie band. It'd get really boring! We're fans of everything from Anne Briggs to The Beach Boys to Neil Young to My Bloody Valentine, so why shouldn't our music reflect that?" This LP will only improve with age: ten years from now, when the vinyl has picked up a few pops and crackles, it'll sound even better. "The No Sorrows pack rich harmonies and soaring violin, plus big guitars and drums to give their Fairport Convention-ish tunes a real kick." --Time Out, London. "Splendid psychedelic space-folk... earthly mournful. Their folksiness is tempered with some good old noise." --Kitten Painting.