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Since their eponymous debut album Subculture (LL 005CD) landed at the dusk of 2008, Belgium's The Subs have played more than 160 shows, travelled to 14 countries, used 12 different airline companies, 2 tour buses and 1 private jet. Between the three of them, they've mailed about 250 post cards and drank about 80 bottles of vodka. On the road, they've lost 5 iPhone adapters and 6 pairs of earplugs. 480 t-shirts were sold and they've counted at least 12 stage invasions and 13 scuffles with venue security. The band remembers 10 speeding tickets and were questioned by the police at least 3 times. They've made 6 music videos, launched 1 blog and recorded 3 videocasts. About half of the past 730 days they've spent inside a studio, 45 demos were made and 21 different versions of new artwork got rejected. About 28 hours were spent discussing the definitive tracklist, but it's here -- the second album by The Subs: Decontrol. A lot has happened to the crew since their electro-rave-punk-powered train started rolling: they also released their acclaimed Vomit In Style EP, featuring stellar remixes from Mixhell, Don Rimini and Les Petits Pilous. Their smash hit "The Pope Of Dope" is absent on this album, but he gave his blessing to the too cool-for-old school house cut "Don't Stop," the hyperactive rave jam that is "The Hype," the hard-hitting techno beats of "The Visible Man" and the French movie soundtrack-inspired "Hannibal (And The Battle Of Zama)." There's even some profound philosophies hidden inside Decontrol -- the universally-appealing club anthem "The Face Of The Planet," for instance, or "Lemonade." Or, as Papillon puts it, "Decontrol is much less a 'fuck you' album than Subculture, and more an 'I'd like to fuck you' album." The Subs are: Jeroen De Pessemier aka Papillon, Wiebe Loccufier aka DJ Tonic and Luca Di Ferdinando aka Highbloo.